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If you want to talk brutal then a 'Chinese Burn' was about as fierce as it got. Normally I would explain just what a CB was but if I did and some recalcitrant youths learnt how to do it and tried the procedure on one of their 'chums' it would be me hanged on the village green for inciting cruelty amongst the young! As if they aren't cruel enough without my help.

If you feel we have made an error in a report, or have fallen below our usual high standards, please write in the first instance to: Rob Irvine, editor, Manchester Evening News, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EP.

Compare the above scenario to the kids of today.

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One teacher, who shall remain nameless as he has gone to that great schoolroom in the sky, had a habit that would have got him arrested in 2010. He would come rushing up to you with his right hand clenched, knuckles extended and scream out the immortal words: "I'll bonk you in a minute just now." And we all know what a good bonk is don't we? Yes he'd hit us on the head as hard as he could.

"Kelly! Get back here. Now!" "But, sir, I agree with Mr Deagan it is rather a tad too cold to be inflicting such punishment on us freezing young people, after all, it's woodwork first lesson and I couldn't use a chisel with my cold, wounded and bruised hands now could I?" As the words came out of my mouth I knew I was on a hiding to nothing.

If a teacher looks at them in a funny way they'll complain (we had board Roshe Run Flyknit Black Womens

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Homework was a chore we just got on with, even if it meant finishing it on the bus to school or copying from a mate just before a lesson (we didn't have the luxury of copying and pasting huge tracts from online sites, like the kids do nowadays, as our world of St Gregory's Tech High in Ardwick Green, didn't know what a computer was).

Bullying seems rife in the modern school as the kids can use text Flyknit Racer Lagoon messages, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to abuse each other. We had no such high tech methods. Sticking a hand written sign that read 'Kick Me' on the back of an unsuspecting subject's jacket was about as technologically advanced as we could be.

I held out my hands, the strap came down and that was the end of that. "Nice try," whispered Paul Davis as we made our way to our form room. We didn't mind, we didn't expect mercy; those were the rules and we just got on with things. No crying, no complaining to our parents, it was a hazard of the job and our job was to be at school in the 1960s.

They hardly do half that now. We had rugby practice on glass strewn bomb sites. We also practised full tackles on the hard wooden floor of the gymnasium so that when we had a competitive game on grass it was a breeze and we slew the opposition (not literally of course).

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Our school day started at 9am and ended at 4.10pm. That's seven hours! Nike Flyknit Racer 2013

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´╗┐School kids have it easy these days

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National anti smoking charity The Deborah Hutton Campaign has just launched an exciting, new competition called Cut Films, in conjunction with No Smoking Day, which challenges young people to make a short creative film about 'why smoking isn't cool'. Cut Films is now inviting entries from as many young people as possible nationwide, and has already attracted widespread support, including from the multi platinum, chart topping soul singer Lemar, who is an Ambassador for national charity No Smoking Day.

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I remember one winter, as a teenager, dashing into school a few minutes late to be met, in the playground, by two teachers. The rules were simple: If you arrived late you got strapped!

One woman who can understand what it's like to be a young apprentice is Daniele Palacios. The group director of The Phoenix Way Group and The Apprentice Academy started her career at the age of 19 as an apprentice at hospitality company the Butler Group in France, where she grew up. It was that early experience which has spearheaded her drive to help young people in Greater Manchester into jobs, and she has already placed 130 young people with employers since setting up The Apprentice Academy last year.

Holding out my freezing cold hands I heard another teacher say, "Seems a shame to strap them when it's so cold." I agreed wholeheartedly and started walking away.

Barbaric really wasn't it? I remonstrated with Mr Horrocks as he swished the instrument of torture around his head: "But, sir. It's the bus it was late." Horrocks replied: "Well, young Kelly, if it's late again tomorrow, get an earlier one."

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other, smoking and creating havoc. I wondered if the modern scholar has a better time of it than we did.

If a modern pupil is threatened with any sort of sanction they will find a way round it and the only person to suffer is the person at the chalk face: the teacher! Our teenage minds were programmed to respect parents, teachers, police and clergy (not that sort of clergy!). Not to mention older people (too late I've mentioned them!)

Thought for the week: despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it is?

I was on a bus recently and found myself surrounded by a herd of school kids, effing and jeffing at each Nike Roshe Flyknit Size 8

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Whilst on my bus journey the driver shouted that smoking was punishable by a fine. Just then a five year old started screaming. I turned to him and said: "Hey, kid, you'll be getting off soon, you can have a fag then." School was much better in my day.

rubbers hurled at our heads from fifteen paces). If the teacher dares to reprimand the youth of today they threaten to tell their parents and before you know it teacher is facing a disciplinary panel.

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