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"In this case the mother called an alternative number and a member of staff was able to give assistance.

4. Try to allow the baby to deliver on its own usually about 30 minutes. Don't touch the baby. That could stimulate it to cry when it is still inside the mother.

"The emergency operator talked me through what to do. She was Flyknit Racer 1.0 Vs 2.0

Husband Lee said: "We already have two sons who were both born after 12 hours of labour so stupidly I thought even if the baby arrived suddenly I would still have plenty of time to get home."

"Our midwives are extremely busy and it may well have been that she was delivering another baby somewhere else.

Melanie added: Flyknit Racer 2 Face "Nicola acted above and beyond the call of neighbourly friendship. I did not know how to say thank you so we have made Alice's middle name Nicola as she did so well. I am so glad she was with me."

She said: "It was a great shock as the baby was two weeks premature and I didn't know what to do as the midwife had switched her phone off."

´╗┐School nurse delivers Whitstable baby

Baby Alice's brothers Henry, 10, and Jack, seven, slept undisturbed as unexpected chaos ensued downstairs.

2. Make mum comfortable on the bed, sofa or floor. Lay towels underneath. Ensure you have warm towels to wrap baby in. In old films doctors always called for boiling water these days it is just for a pot of tea afterwards.

Melanie and Alice were in such good health they were not even taken to hospital.

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Flyknit Racer 2 Face

to check to see if any part of the baby is showing.

Nicola had to remove the umbilical chord which was wrapped around baby Alice's head and rub her with a blanket to keep her warm.

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Melanie, 37, a classroom assistant at Joy Lane Primary School, had been watching TV at her home in Speedwell Road, Seasalter, last Monday night when contractions started.

To make matters worse, Melanie was expecting a breach birth where the baby's head is facing the wrong way and was due to go to Margate's Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital on Wednesday for a Caesarean operation.

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both mother and baby are doing well."

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Paramedics and a frantic Lee arrived 20 minutes later and missed the commotion.

Her husband Lee, 39, was on his way back after dropping a friend at Gatwick Airport 65 miles away.

Nichola added: "I am a school nurse at St Edmund's in Canterbury and used to sticking plasters on kids' grazed knees. I had never delivered a baby before."

Nicola added: "As soon as I rubbed her she burst into life and started crying. It was an amazing moment."

Trust spokesman Kaye Larkins said: "We offer our patients more than one number to ring in the event that a midwife is unavailable in an emergency.

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"The ambulance arrived shortly after and it is great that Flyknit Racer Oreo 2.0 Outfit

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