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Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

very exciting."

"We didn't want to risk damaging the skull so we sawed the tooth off and didn't extract the roots.

"This will provide us with information about where he was living, which we can compare with historical records. We know he was born Nike Air Max Flyknit Blue Pink

in Northamptonshire and we will be able to tell if he was still living in the area or had moved away."

The University of Leicester announced in February that the human remains found beneath a car park in the city last summer were indeed those of King Richard III.

Dr Evans said: "The teeth are a record of his life since the age of six.

"It is a unique skeleton and we wanted to treat it with respect. We were always conscious of the fact it's historical and high profile."

teeth from the skull as well as taking fragments of rib and leg bones.

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

This included removing two Nike Roshe Run Flyknit Womens Grey

"For me, the exciting part will be finding out what a king may have been eating or drinking. You do not get many chances in your career to work on a king."

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

Dr Lamb, 39, of the Vale of Belvoir, added: "We can also tell how much protein was in his diet. Not much is known about that.

Prof Evans and Dr Lamb have used acid to dissolve the bone and analyse the chemical make up.

Prof Evans said: "It was utterly unnerving removing the teeth. Sometimes teeth will come out easily and sometimes they won't. We used our fingers and removed one of the pre molars fine, but we spent some time jiggling at a molar which didn't want to move.

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

´╗┐Scientists work to reveal secrets of King Richard III

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

The results of their work are expected to be known by the end of Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens the year.

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

After hearing about the find, Prof Evans contacted the university to ask if they could take samples, which could be used to build up a picture of the king.

Prof Evans, 57, of Keyworth, said: "When it all started, I knew there was a play by Shakespeare about him, and that was about it. When the skeleton was excavated and he was found, it was an amazing archaeological event. To be part of now characterising that person is Flyknit Racer Pink

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

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